Neymar in One-hour Meeting with PSG Boss Unai Emery to Discuss Transfer Issues

Neymar in One-hour Meeting with PSG Boss Unai Emery to discuss Transfer Issues. Neymar Junior, had an hour meeting with PSG boss Unai Emery so to address his challenges since he arrived the club.

Neymar, who has been accused of planning to join Real Madrid, was seen crying during an interview with a press in Brazil, as he denied ever nurturing such thought of leaving PSG for Real Madrid.

According to reports, Guillem Balague told Yahoo;

“I have no doubt whatsoever that at some time Neymar may have expressed some kind of reservation on all manner of aspects concerning his new club and country.

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“But my sources at the club tell me that certainly the last conversation player and coach had, one that took place before the player went on international duty, the Brazilian was quick to assure the coach of his loyalty and support.

“That positive and emotional chat, of almost an hour, was perhaps the first time both men connected, and Neymar understood Emery was working as hard as it is possible on the player’s adaptation, including giving him the necessary room and patience for Neymar to find his feet.

“The coach also reached a more detailed conclusion of what kind of pressures a player who wants to the be the best in the world lives under.

“Did he say when he returned to Barcelona recently that he made a mistake in leaving the club?

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Guillem, also added;

“I have no doubt that moving into a new country and city is hard for Neymar, who found exactly the same difficulties when he arrived to Barcelona. But that is just part of part of the process, part of the journey he has to make and just as he found his feet in Barcelona so will he try to settle down happily in Paris. He intends to.

“Deep down he knows he has to adapt firstly to a new city and lifestyle and secondly to his role as number one at the club.

“It will not be a particularly easy journey and the crown can weigh heavy on the head of the wearer which is why I have so much admiration for the likes of Ronaldo and Messi who have done it at their respective clubs for so long and with such distinction.”


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