Chelsea Vs United Tomorrow-What are your Expectations from These Two Men?

Chelsea Vs United Tomorrow-What are your Expectations from These Two Men?Tomorrow 5th of November, will be a big one in London as the two giant rivals in the Premiership will face each other at Stamford Bridge.

In preparation for the encounter between Chelsea and Manchester United, the two coaches representing the two teams have come out to express their expectations for tomorrow’s encounter.

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho,  in his statement, said;

“I have to admit it’s a little bit different but in the end I want to win like I did with Inter. They want to win like they did last season and it’s just one more day.

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“In a couple of years it will be even more natural and in four or five years probably no one will remember that I was Chelsea manager and it becomes absolutely normal.

“It isn’t a big thing. It’s normal, it’s football, it’s professionalism. One day you are in one club, the next day you’re in another club.

“It’s a big thing because it’s a big match, because it’s a big opponent, because it’s the champions. It’s one of these matches between the top teams in the country. But from the emotional point of view, it’s just one more game.”

While the Chelsea coach Antonio Conte, said;

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“We are struggling a lot, because we are facing a lot of important problems,” Conte said.

“To solve these problems is not simple. In this moment you can see if you are a winner or a loser.

“It’s important to show our character, to be strong, to face the problem in the right way.”

The two men have spoken, as fans to these two teams, we are certain you will definitely expect one or two actions from these two men. All you need do, is to hit the comments box, fill in your details and comment on your expectations.

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