US Researchers Invent Vaginal Ring to Prevent HIV Infection

US Researchers Invent Vaginal Ring to Prevent HIV Infection. The researchers in America earlier embarked on research on how to prevent HIV through Vaginal Ring.

The ring which was tested with teenagers in America has proven effective. The researchers have decided to conduct same study in Africa to see if it will work with the teenagers in Africa.

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According to the researchers;

“The ring is a flexible plastic embedded with anti-retroviral drugs will be changed every month over a six-month period.”

The device is to be used by women to prevent themselves from HIV infection and it will also help the men in making love to their women without the used of contraceptive sheets so to feel the good taste of a woman.

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During a conference in Paris, the researchers expressed their delight in the response from girls who used the ring and said they liked it.