Woman swallow $7000 in an attempt to hide money from husband

Woman swallow $7000 in an attempt to hide money from husband. A Colombia woman who had a fight with her husband and attempted to keep her money away from him, ended up swallowing the money.

According to an interview with a local RCN television, the woman claimed to have saved the money for a vacation with her hubby.

After the incident had took place, the 30-year-old woman was rushed to a university teaching hospital at Santander in Colombia, where doctors were able to recover part of the money and her life as well through surgery. Ukridosblog, learnt that she swallowed the money in rolls of $100 each.

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Extracted money.Woman swallow $7000 in an attempt to hide money from husband
Extracted money

Dr. Juan Paulo Serrano, the Director of Surgery at the teaching hospital said;

“We were able to surgically extract 57 $100 bills from the woman’s stomach and intestines, while other rolls would be passed through the colon.

“The rolls were not wrapped or packaged, which suggests they were not part of any illegal transport and simply swallowed in an ‘act of desperation.”

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He further said;

“ majority of the bills were surgically extracted from the stomach. Other rolls would be passed through the colon.”
Well! How I wish she had converted the $7000 to Naira before swallowing it, it would have been much better. All the same, we wish her quick recovery.



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