Ways to tell a guy your feelings for him

Ways to tell a guy your feelings for him and have him all to yourself.Most girls believe it’s not just right to tell a man their feelings.

The question here is “what if the man you crave for doesn’t notice you but choose to settle with your best friend who made the first move by approaching him”?

With this , you get to know you should have made the step instead of your friend .Though there are some who desire to walk up to a man and express their feelings but do not know how to go about it.

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In this article, Ukridosblog will guide you on how to walk up to a guy and tell him how much you like him.

Try to give him good compliments: The first step to attract a guy is to give him good compliments, especially when he never expected any from you. Once he looks into your eyes to see the desire, he will begin to notice you.

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Learn to like what he likes: Another way to get his attention is to like what he likes. Try to let him know you have things in common.

Learn to give him those little supports: Those little supports could go along way in encouraging him to consider you for a relationship.

Strengthen your communication with him through media chat: A lot of self expression take place on social media chat especially at night before bed time.

Here you could spend time to talk more about yourselves. Try to create some interesting topic especially about relationship so to see how he will flow.If he flows well, then you are good to go.

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All you need do next is to drop the bombshell and advise him to think about it then end the chat by wishing him a good night rest.

With all these you get realize you have given him a sleepless night, when he will be left to think all night about the good moment

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